Guadalupe Mountains State Park. McKittric Canyon Weekend close to Easter
Final date : Oct 3-6th.

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Oct 03 2003 Foto's

The Gay Outdoor Club went to the Guadalupe Mountains for a Back-packing trip.
Your trip host/leader Michael Railey .

So how was the trip?  FANTASTIC, several of us mustered up at Dallas Love field. Our flight would take us to Midland/Odessa were we rented a Mini-van and headed west to the Guadalupe Mountains.

Our first order of business was finding the 24 hr Super Walmart. Here we would get provisions which are not allowed on planes, fuel , gas bottles and some last minute provisions like veggies, sodas, meats...  After our Walmart visit it was off to find booze, with a 4/5 hour drive ahead of us and one driver-Thanks Linda, most of us thought the best way to prepare for this weekend was to get smashed in the back seat.  Our group of modest drinkers began a 4 hour drinking drive.

Along about half smashed someone looked out the side window and saw our very own MOONBOW.  Yes, the sky was absolutely clear and the moon was near full with a bright glow and in the distance there was a storm. From the storm water droplet's refracted the moons glow the same way that rainbows are created. We pulled the van over and just watched it for a few minutes. This weekend was already turning into something special.

Stress Rating: Moderate-Difficult.
Camping: Remote camping : This trip requires a flight to Midland/Odessa or El Paso Texas and a moderate drive time from either to the state park.
We will be taking Southwest Airlines and renting a car. YOU WILL NEED to BUY A TICKET to CONFIRM reservation.
This will be a remote, dry camping experience with long walking trips and difficult terrain. We will be staying in the basin campground and day hike to the peek. Guadalupe Peek is the highest peek in Texas.
Dining: Backpacking fare. Light, dry, easy.

Trip Details: (Dates: Before or after Easter maybe first weekend in May )

1. Friday Leave on Southwest airline flight. Date/time TBD. Arrive late and rent car then drive to Park entrance and stay the night. Saturday morning, start day hike to top of peek. Depending on your speed of walking, arrive at top around lunch time, enjoy the view and return before dark.
Those wishing to explore further, may opt to take the more direct water shed over the side down and follow the creek back to basin. This is a very strenuous walk and hike. Worth the effort! Costs: airfare, camping fee's, car-rental share. (about $200/per person weekend)

Contact Michael Railey to sign up for this trip at (469)387-2530 or e-mail him at

Flight Details for Oct 2003 Trip to Guadelupe Mountains

Depart Trip - Dallas to Midland
Date Day Stops Routing Flight Routing Details
Oct 03 Fri N/S DAL-MAF 148 Depart Dallas (DAL) at 4:45 PM
Arrive Midland (MAF) at 5:50 PM

Return Trip - Midland to Dallas
Date Day Stops Routing Flight Routing Details
Oct 06 Mon N/S MAF-DAL 7 Depart Midland (MAF) at 7:00 AM
Arrive Dallas (DAL) at 8:00 AM

See Event photos link for pictures.

Directions: From Dallas: