Calico Ar March 2004 Photo's

Calico Rock, AR

Mar 5/6/7th 2004

A GREAT time was had by all! 
A total of nine folks departed Dallas in drizzle Friday morning, but the rain let up once past Little Rock.
Arrived at Linda's home/Candle Factory just at sunset and set up camp just before dark in the clearing behind
the house. 

Except for Quite Dave.  Wanting complete silence he went further back on the property...go figure.
Went up the road to JoJo's for a catfish dinner (they have all you can eat for Michael's benefit!)
Got back to camp, lit up a great fire (wasn't the same without James) and watched the full moon ring in
my birthday until around 3am.

Saturday, we awoke to cool temps but beautiful sunshine and had breakfast around the camp.
We couldn't have hoped for better hiking weather.  Around 9:30, we drove  5 miles down the road for a 2 mile hike on the
Syllano National bike trail to get warmed up and see if biking was an option since there had been rain the week before.  The trail is allot like Cross Timbers, easy to moderate with some rocky inclines , but not too muddy.  Instead of biking, we opted at Brent's request to continue to another hiking trail.  After a few missed turns due to vague directions/maps, we found the North Sylamore Creek Trail. 

The facilities at the public campsites are relatively new and quite impressive.  It would be worth a trip to camp at the parks near the trail heads. We hiked 5 miles from Gunner Pool to Blanchard Springs.  Gary and Lisa were so enthusiastic,
they hiked an additional 5 miles just to keep us wondering where they were.  Brent and John somehow managed to cross the river after hooking up with a couple of other hikers. Luckily the locals allowed them to ride on the trunk of their car to get
back across. This trail was easy, with some inclines, but very few rocky spots.  Well marked (Lisa!) and mostly open through the trees.  A half mile portion was along the river with some  terrific scenery.  It will be very beautiful when the plants bloom. We arrived back at camp, exhausted, but exhilarated as once again we watched the full moon rise through the trees.  Dinner and drinks around the campfire was enjoyed by all.

Sunday morning, more sunshine, but lots of cool wind reminded us we weren't in Kansas anymore!
We had breakfast at leisure while breaking camp.  Also, most everyone was able to either help or observe Linda in the Candle factory and learn about her process for hand pouring.  An experience that won't soon be forgotten, we returned to Dallas, departing at various times.
I would like to thank Linda for allowing me, my Mom and the Gay Outdoor Club to visit and enjoy the pleasures that can be had in Arkansas.  Also, thanks to everyone on the trip, especially Mom. 
You made this one of my best'est birthdays ever. 
More Happy Trails lie ahead.
Donnie Anderson
*************************************The Invite originally Posted by Donnie***********************************
Hello One and All.
I haven't left the planet [yet], but it's been a busy winter, so I'm
ready to get out and hope you'll join me.

A friend of mine has 23 beautiful wooded acres on the White River at
Calico Rock, AR
and has invited the Gay Outdoor Club up for Spring
There are several National and State Parks in the vicinity for hiking
the mountains.
There is also a National Mtn Bike trail a couple of miles from the
South Shore
We'll be camping in a clearing behind Linda's home/candle factory, with
day activites.

If there is enough interest, we can arrange to take the club kayaks.

Departing Friday March 5th ~7am will get us there ~2pm.
Sunday departure ~12 noon on Sunday gets us back to Dallas ~7pm

RSVP or contact me if you'd like more info.
Happy New Years to everyone and Many Happy Trails ahead!