Beavers Bend May 2002.

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John Kayaking Rock Gardens

Beavers Bend spring 2000

Ken John Beavers Bend Backpacking Trip.


Beavers Bend State park is in Southeastern Ok. Beavers Bend is one of Gclub's popular destinations. We have gone there for Backpacking, hiking and kayaking trips.

Towering timbers, crystal clear waters and mountainous terrain form what is affectionately referred to as Oklahoma's "Little Smokies." With a Riverbend area featuring acres of events and recreational programs, these parks are an outdoor lover's paradise.

Beavers Bend State park was the location of our May 2002 Memorial day weekend trip. We had 11 friends join us on this trip. James-VP of Base camp operations got a solid challenge from "Dave" the Quiet one on this trip. Dave arrived early to find us homeless and without camping location due to the popularity of the park during holidays. Fortunately, Cell phones, imagination and a little luck found us all nested in at Carson Creek by nights end. We ended up with a great camp site considering the overflow crowds. We were in an "un-official" site, just up from the lake. Great location.

We had anticipated hot weather, fortunately, we arrived during a cool front and had wonderful weather in the evenings with only a threat of shower's periodically over the weekend. Friday night found us with fire, good friends, good drink and a good time. Saturday morning everyone was excited to go kayaking, so off we headed to the Park Cafe, not as good as I remember, for breakfast then over to the shuttle service where we each paid $5.00 to be shuttled about 1 mile:)  In the future we will shuttle ourselves.

Once we arrived at the entree point, we just couldn't help ourselves and headed up stream for about 1 mile directly into a "no use" area. Fortunately, we did not get caught by a ranger, apparently the fine is $800.00 per person! It was wonderful, clear water, nice play rapid, fly fishermen/women everywhere- some of our lady friends might pic up fly fishing:)  This Saturday was spent in the park on the park river, normally a 2 hour trip, we were able to expand it into a 4 hour trip. Sunday found us at another outfitter outside of the park. Again, we paid too much for shuttle service, now that we know.... Head outside the park, go east on hwy about 1 miles, turn in at Kayak outfitter, go beyond and put in in the state park. No big deal, we will be ready. This second day found us starting in an area known as the "rock Gardens" very pretty, easy going day, with only one major chute, just toward the end of the day, you make a run for the cypress tree and hang left or right but not down the middle:)

Monday found Beth, Linda , David and Michael restless and full of energy, so off we went to do a "Memory" lane tour of the Indian Nations Trail from campground "D" to the River. This was the area that that we lost Donnie in May 2000 while on the Backpacking trip.

Trip Summary:
RATING: EASY: Breakfast's and muster point Saturday morning 8:30am at Park Cafe, buffet style.

EQUIPMENT: Camping Gear: Car Camping, easy access. Swim , sun block, hiking shoes, kayak's , water bottles, Plan on mosquitoes, Sun, Rain, Warm Weather, Cool Weather. Recommended: Tent camping, Sleeping bag, Camper mat, Snacks, Beverages, Sun Block. 

DIRECTIONS: Location: In southeastern Oklahoma off US-259, adjacent to Broken Bow Lake. The Beavers Bend main entrance is seven miles north of Broken Bow on US-259A. Continuing north on US-259 for up to four miles, Hochatown has three access entrances: Stephens Gap, Carson Creek and Cedar Creek.

Trip Outline:
We normally car-pool to park with some people leaving Thurs night, Friday morning , Friday night after work. Our muster point is campground "D" tent camping . However, Cell phones allow everyone to make last minute changes due to park being over capacity. Second option is Carson Creek area.

Camping Fee's , Restaurant meals, Kayak Rental.  About $60/person
for the weekend. Please bring $20 one dollar bills. It is difficult to make change at remote area.

Trip Schedule/Muster Points: (Recommended Final:TBA)

See Event photos link for pictures.

Directions: From North Dallas: During rush hour:) I-75 north to 360 east.
From Dallas : Non-rush hour: I-30 East to Greenville.