Pool Party 2001 Photos
Gay Outdoor Club Pool Party
Sunday Aug 24th at
Donnie A.

Gclub member turned out in force for our third annual pool party.

We had Chicken burgers, Beef Burgers , Hot dogs, Turkey burgers, Many side dishes provided by members. This year we flew a tarp from the third floor over the pool area which provided some much appreciated shade.

We thought we might get through the event without a crisis, this would be a break in tradition, fortunately, one neighbor, one jilted boyfriend, a few firemen and an axe brought the party to a justifiable end and crisis. Let's just say she didn't want to answer the door, he decided to call the Fire department to check make sure she was ok, She was PISSED just after the second axe hit broke through her door. A rowdy end to yet another great party.

Some other activities included bouncing around in the pool with one of our Whitewater Kayaks, enjoying good company and meeting some new members. We also had some of the clubs new-to us- windsurfing boards and sails on display.

See photos above,

Happy Trails and many Thanks to Donnie for hosting the party and his neighbors for putting up with us.


  • Gclub Pool Party:
    Dates: Sunday Aug 24, 2003 2-6pm.
    RSVP: Donnie A.
    BYOB=Bring your own Booze, PLEASE NO GLASS CONTAINERS.
    POTLUCK side Dish, Please bring something for the buffet table.
    Hamburgers, VegiBurgers, Hot Dogs, provided by club(Michael:-)

    AGENDA: Fun, MEET some new members, FALL PLANNING:
    This will be our Fall Planning event. Bring your ideas. As the weather cools,
    it will be nice to get back outdoors for Kayaking, Canoe trips, Beginning Backpacking,
    Guadalupe mountain, Big Bend, Biking trips.

    The address: RSVP for Address
    Yahoo Map to Donnie's Place      

    From 75 Central Expressway, exit Mockingbird and go East to Greenville Avenue.
    Greenville is about 3/4 mile from Central, should be the 3rd traffic light.
    Turn right/South on Greenville and go about 1/2 mile 'til you see the a 7-11
    on the left, then Canine Commissary and the Red Jacket.
    Turn left on Martel at the Red Jacket [before Snuffers].
    It's a very small complex on the right at the next corner [Matilda].
    You'll see a large stone wall and the pool is on the other side.
    • Michael Railey:
    • Donnie A.: