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Cross-Timbers Trail
Lake Texoma,
Backpacking Trip

April 4th 2003

Gclub went to the Cross Timbers Trail on your Host's birthday. Opps. I forgot my day. Thus at the Dream Cafe the previous Tues all my friends and your co-campers talked Dear David into going on this trip. We had quite a group. Vini and Linda made the trip in order to prepare for their assault on the Appellation Trail the following month. You go Vini. Miss May - Where's your victim May? and Richard had a great time Friday evening then took off with David Saturday morning for shopping beyond. The rest of the group mustered up and began our walk along the trail just after 10am. Unfortunately, we LOST two people. My humble apologies to  Joanne. Joanne looked for us Friday evening unfortunately even with our laud group, multiple tents and camping at the trail head, we all missed tracks and Joanne ended up camping alone Friday night. Sadia and Ole joined us late after changing their plans from kayaking south of Dallas to heading out late and finding us on the trail. They did quite well walking in the dark on a trail they did not know to a destination they had only a rough idea about. After dinner, we received a cell phone call-thus the Timbers are not too far for the world, and Mike headed out to meet them on the trail and guide them into our site. Everyone had a great time, though most of our members aborted Sunday morning before completing the WHOLE trail due to rain. Brent, always the optimist, talked me into trying for the end, end the end, we discovered that the last 1/3 of the trail is quite developed, we missed our turnoff and ended up walking along a road until we ran into Sadia and Ole. Their dry van was too tempting and shy some 500 meters we ended and joined the gang for the slog home. Everyone had a great time. See photo's from link above.


The Gay Outdoor Club goes to the Cross Timbers Trail for a Backpacking weekend.
RATING: Beginning Backpacking.
Alternate activity: You can take a kayak to the camping site.
The Cross Timbers Trail is relatively close to Dallas/Ft. Worth! It is located along the southern shoreline of Lake Texoma, just north of the the town of Whitesboro on Texas Highway 377.
Cross Timbers Hiking Trail begins at the Juniper Point West Campground and traverses the edge of the lake for about 12 miles one way. We will begin our hike at the Juniper Point West F4(Trail Head and hike in approx. 3 to 4 miles where we will setup camp. The Cross Timbers trail is a great beginners trip as it is not terribly long or overly strenuous for the first time backpacker. Lake Texoma is a large reservoir on the Texas-Oklahoma border just north of Dallas. The Cross Timbers Trail is the only real hiking in the area.

The club now owns 6 external frame backpacks, Please reserve one if you do not own a backpack and wish to use a club backpack.
Backpacking is a group activity. We share the group loads and pack accordingly. If you are planning on attending this trip please contact Michael about approved gear and recommended items . You should not plan to carry more than 20% of your body weight. 15% or less is recommended.
Details for Trip Planning:
From US Highway 75....go West on Highway 82 from Sherman to F.M.377. North on 377 to Juniper Point.

Contact Information
Project Manager
Denison Dam-Lake Texoma
Rt 4 box 493
Denison, TX 75020
Contact :Michael , club host for details.
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Cross Timbers Trail Trip Report by Doug Armknecht