Beaver Bend State Park Ok.

Beginning Backpacking Trip report for May 2000 . Gclubs first trip.

The first Gayoutdoorclub event took place at this Park. We had our Beginning Backpacking trip to the park in May 2000 see Beavers Bend Gclub Beginning Backpacking Trip Photo's Beaver Bend State Park-Indian Nations Trail. The trip will take 4.0 hours to drive via Commerce, Paris, and Idabel. Beavers Bend state Park is in Southeast Oklahoma, US Hwy 259 approx. 8 miles north of Broken Bow, Ok.

We drove up Friday afternoon and arrived at Tent camping area "D". This area allows for late arrivals, pay in the morning. Saturday morning we broke camp and met at the cafe for breakfast at 8:00am. The cafe offers good coffee, a breakfast buffet with government issue instant scrambled eggs :-( Canadian bacon, toast, oak meal et. al.
After breakfast we took a shuttle car to the spill-way parking area. This allowed drivers to return for the cars from the trailhead. Unfortunately, I left the keys at the trail head:) So we hitch hiked from other park visitors. Inside the park this is ok, people will tend to stop for back-packers and offer to shuttle you back to other side of park.

Ken, Linda, Jens, John Saturday morning saw us begin the hike by reading the welcome sign , making a due note of the trail marker then proceeding to walk the river road for about 30 mins. before someone brought up the point that we have not seen a trail marker:) Trail markers should be visible at all times. Normally the next marker is in site while you stand at the current marker. The hike was marked to be about 5 miles to Bee Creek campsite, however, everyone probably agrees it was closer to 6 miles. We had a trail lunch at Cedar Bluff overlook. Cedar Bluff overlook is within 1/4 mile from camp "D" where we had started 4 hours before, almost lost some as they contemplated abandoning the trail. Why would anyone load up with 30+ lbs and walk 4 hours to end up where they started :-) You can refill water at the Cedar Bluff trail entrance. We then continued for about another hour before arriving at our campsite. At this point we had "lost" one of our members. Last we heard he had decided to explore just beyond the waterfall and missed the joining of two streams. He then proceeded down the united streams for about 45 minutes before returning and taking the wrong branch. Fortunately, we found him just as we were about to send out the rescue party. Remember: One person is lost , Two people are just misplaced. When camping in remote areas that are new to you it is better to travel in pairs. Your companion can provide back up common sense and may remember things you didn't notice.

Doug and Linda at the Blue Hole The Sunday hike out was about 4.5 miles to spill-way area. This was a beginning backpack trip, unfortunately, we had a few extra pounds in our packs and a trail that rolled the whole time. Sunday morning the first climb definitely got everyone's attention, about 300 feet straight up with poor trail maintenance. The group was waiting at the top with the ropes:) After I arrived I congratulated all for having graduated to Intermediate back-packing. Fortunately , this was to be our last heavy grade. Rest of trail was gradual and maintained the high ground until it dropped off the side and returned to river level and road to parking lot. We finished Sunday around 12 noon, in time for a nice swim and lunch at the Park cafe Before returning to Dallas.

See Event photos link for pictures.

Directions: From North Dallas: During rush hour:) I-75 north to 360 east.
From Dallas : Non-rush hour: I-30 East to Greenville.