Trinity River Kayaking April 20th 2008 Trip Report. Trinity River Greenbelt Park at Sylvan street ;Directions From Downtown Dallas .

Take I-35 North to Market Center Blvd. exit. Go through light to next cross-street. This is Wycliff Ave. Turn left, Travel west on Wycliff Ave across Irving Blvd , after you cross Irving Blvd you will travel over the east Levy to the Trinity River corridor. Once you cross over the Levy then the muster point is in the parking lot just before you get to the river area. It is on your left by the ramp. I posted a club trip to run the Trinity River in Dallas ; the response was a sell out crowd. After confirming too many people for the number of boats in the club I ran to Academy Sports and purchased two day tripper kayaks to allow everyone who was interested and confirmed to take a trip down the Trinity River . Now the club has 10 touring kayaks of which 7 are large touring Kayaks capable for weekend trips and 3 are for day use only.

The week before our trip North Texas had several high rain days, thus the trip was pending safety and water level. One of our members knows Charles Allen from Canoedallas. Our member called him with great dread to find out if it was safe to kayak the Trinity. Charles Allen called my cell to find out more details about our trip and provide advice on any safety hazards. Thanks Charles that was quite nice of you. Charles is on the Trinity every week and hosts canoe trips on various parts of the Trinity River . You can plan a Trinity trip from his website: Canoe Dallas

 After everyone arrived we left most of our cars here and everyone car-pooled to the Compion Trails Center in Irving , TX just off Nursery Road . http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/trails/campion.html . Here we unloaded the kayaks and hauled them to the river bank where we were met with Sunshine and mud-Slimy, thick, sticky mud. It grabbed your shoes and didn't give them back. After everyone picked a boat, loaded their gear we began pushing boats into the water, starting with experienced kayaker’s and finishing with the last brave person to take on the Trinity. The water at Compion trails was quite dirty, floating phosphate foam and a stench from Irving best toilets. Compion Trails adjoins the Irving waste water treatment center and our put in place is just down stream. However, as we paddled down the river, the foam and smell dissipated until you had a nice river again. The water level had dropped about 6 feet from when I checked it two days before our trip. The Friday prior to our trip the water was at the bank tops, however by our put in on Sunday the water had receded to about 6 feet below the bank tops. This provided us with a full, fast river and much wet muddy banks. We had planned  to do lunch on the river, however with the banks and speed of the river we would not find a stopping point and would end up at Sylvan street ramp before lunch.  Along the river we found some birds, bushes, flowers and nice city skyline peeking through the trees every now and then. Everyone arrived at the ramp dry and happy.

Happy Trails and look forward to the next trip. Michael

9:00 am Sylvan street Park. (Car drop off for shuttling)

9:30 am Compion Trails Irving Texas, (Kayak put-in point)

Feedback from Participants:

I hope everybody had fun Sunday - I did!  And thanks to Michael for all the logistics. Shane

I had a great time....it was good meeting new people.

I am proud to say I left my butt print on the "bank" of the Trinity! Lol Susan

 Michael Railey RHAWKS!!!! Todd