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Gay Outdoor Club

Gclub is an all Volunteer club. Gclub Members Host trips for the community, including: Kayak, Canoeing, Hiking, Walking, Biking, Cruises, Mountain climbing , Rock climbing, Backpacking, Nature tours , Scuba , Snow skiing and River float and Whitewater rafting trips. Gclub promotes other clubs which share our interest and encourages Co-hosted events with other clubs.


OLSSC of Dallas is a

non-profit social club

organizing outdoor recreational trips
for the gay and lesbian community,
including: Snow Skiing, Scuba Diving

Team Dallas Aquatics is a

swim team of Gay Men , Women and friends

Everyone is welcome to join our team regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic , artistic abilities, or physical challenge.

Oak Lawn Soccer Club-

Gay Games 1998 Silver Medal Winners

Spring 1998 North Texas Co-ed Soccer Association Champions

1998 Atlanta Armory Sports Classic Champions

NTCC of North Texas is a

group of Gay & Lesbian campers

always ready to jump in our "RV'S" and go visit different state parks and camp grounds around Texas. We meet at least once a month. We are a North Texas Chapter of Rainbow RV Int'l Club.

The Rainbow Garden Club

serves the DFW metroplex area and beyond.

Mostly Gay and Lesbian..

The Dallas Independent Volleyball Association

90% of our membership is comprised of Gays and Lesbians, We welcome all friends of the community to join DIVA. We have several "straight" members, including couples.

Oak Lawn Tennis Association (OLTA)!

The Oak Lawn Tennis Association (OLTA) was formed in 1979 by a group of friends who enjoyed tennis.  It is also the first tennis organization supporting and promoting gay and lesbian tennis activities in the Dallas Metroplex.  During its 20 year history, OLTA has played host to the first gay tennis tournament in the country held since 1980 and now known as the Texas Open.  In 1981, OLTA inaugurated the Texas Cup with the Houston Tennis Club (HTC), an annual competition between the two cities.

This  website is devoted to those of you in the gay community who love camping in the great 'out'doors. Web based club Dallas area (Commercial) site with club,B&B,Chat, mail list....

Dallas Area Male Naturists

DAMN came about when several of its founding members went to the GNI Gathering in PA, five years ago and decided to start a group with the same naked sense of spirit that they'd found and experienced at the Gathering. DAMN is strictly a nude NON-sexual group , whose members are as diverse as the peoples of the world. We give our excess funds every year to The Naturist Society to help maintain the fight for nude recreation and gay charities to help others who are in need.

Battalion Motorcycle Corps

Founded in 1974 For Gay Men Who Own and Ride Motorcycles

Texas Gay Rodeo

TGRA, Inc. is a Texas Corporation with the objective of elevating the image of women and men in the sport of rodeo. Our stated purpose is to promote and stage an annual rodeo in the State of Texas, to promote fellowship among our members by encouraging the participation in western-related events and to engage in charitable activities.

Mens Cycling Club (Bicycling), Dallas (214-504-8823) These guys cycle at White Rock Lake

A League of Our Own, Dallas (214-956-7508) (214-372-5337) A League of Our Own bowls at Don Carter East

Dallas Invitational Columbus Day Team Bowling Organization (D.I.C.D.T.), Dallas (214-240-8351) Providing unity, civic and social opportunities to enrich the lives of the LGBT community through the sport of bowling.

Ladies and Men Bowlers of Dallas Association (LAMBDA), Dallas (214-351-0716) LAMBDA bowls at Don Carter West Oak Lawn Bowling Association, Dallas (214-871-0809)

Oak Lawn Bowling Association bowls at Don Carter USA/Composite Drive (10920 Composite Drive)

Cedar Springs Trio Bowling- Mondays at 6:30PM, Composite Dr., 214-358-1382
  • Texas TwistersThe Twisters is Dallas/Fort Worth's first gay country western dance club. 

  • Different Strokes Golf Assoc. Gay/Lesbian golf group. New members welcome.

    Dallas Gay & Lesbian Ice Hockey, Dallas
    Phone: 972-640-2084

    Rainbow Flyers Pilots Association, PO Box 190990, Dallas (214-521-5342 x840) With members that include student pilots, private pilots, airline and corporate pilots and non-pilots who enjoy flying, the Rainbow Pilots Association is a group that welcomes people with an interest in aviation. E-mail:

    Texas Gay Rodeo Association; Dallas Chapter, PO Box 191168, Dallas
    TGRA is a tax-exempt, charitable organization that contributes raised funds to the fight of HIV/AIDS. They have raised over $1.2 million which have been donated primarily to AIDS-oriented charities within Texas.

    Rollerblade Club for Gays and Lesbians, Dallas (214-503-7464)

    Dallas Debutantes Women's Rugby Football Club, Dallas (214-366-2585)
    A women's rugby football Association open to straight and gay members. An all-female group. All Welcome, no experience required.

    Dallas FrontRunners Social group for Gay/Lesbians who enjoy walking and running. All levels welcome.

    Diving For Life, PO Box 224464, Dallas
    Lambda Mermaids, Dallas (214-941-0688) Email:
    Oak Lawn Ski and Scuba Club, Dallas (214-526-4165)
    Rainbow Dive Club, PO Box 543064, Dallas (214-357-9880)
    Stonewall Dive Club, PO Box 227031, Dallas

    Rainbow Skydive Club, Dallas (214-357-9880)

    Oak Lawn Soccer Club, 834 S. Montclair Ave. __, Dallas (214-941-3566)
    The Oak Lawn Soccer Club is a co-ed organization which fields teams in local leagues, as well as regional, national and international tournaments, both gay and mainstream. They practice twice weekly during the soccer season. Membership is open to anyone, gay or straight, who shares an interest in the sport of soccer.

    Pegasus Softball Association, Dallas (214-358-6002)
    Pegasus Slow Pitch Softball Association plays each Sunday at Glencoe Park starting at 10:00 AM

    Softball - North Texas Womens Sports Association (NTWSA) softball league, Dallas (214-581-0205)
    NTWSA softball league plays each Tuesday evening at 6:45 PM. They play in both Glencoe Park and Fair Oaks Park.

    Sports Network
    Team Dallas, PO Box 191015, Jere Becker, Dallas (214-707-5373)
    Team Dallas is the team that represents our community at the Gay Games. They have a membership of about $50. Membership offers many
    benefits. One of these benefits is to march with the Team Dallas delegation at the opening ceremonies of the Gay Games. The mission of Team Dallas is to promote the acceptance of gays and lesbians through athletic competition and activity.

  • Team Dallas Aquatics
    Team Dallas Aquatics, PO Box 190869, Dallas (214-333-1465) President - Tim Kessler, Dallas Aquatic Masters
  • International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Email:

    Oak Lawn Tennis Association, PO Box 11232, Dallas (214-739-2726)

  • Dallas Independent Volleyball Association (DIVA)
    Dallas Independent Volleyball Association (DIVA), Indoor volleyball at its best!
    Dallas (214-521-5342 x1704)

    • Texins Dive Club The Texins Dive Club is organized primarily to provide a medium for Texas Instruments' employees and their families to participate in Diving. The club is not Gay however Texas Instruments is a Gay friendly place. The Texins Dive Club runs a great certification program and hosts monthly weekend dives to area lakes as well as co-ordinating international dive trips. Non-TI employee's are welcome to join. GREAT Certification programs!
    • Texins Outdoorclub The Texins Outdoor Club is organized primarily to provide a medium for Texas Instruments' employees and their families to participate in day hiking and backpacking, rock and alpine climbing, kayaking and canoeing outings with a great deal of fun and safety. The club is not Gay however Texas Instruments is a Gay friendly place to work so there are co-sponsored trips with LEGEND-Texas Instruments Lesbian & Gay Diversity Network.


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